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The Eden Exegesis

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In 2002, I set up The Vitriol Archives as a space to share excerpts from journals documenting my esoteric studies in the 80s and 90s. For a time V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem) was a moniker I used when writing and making music. Rather than emotional vitriol, of which I have a great deal, the name referred to an alchemical process I use to reframe my experience of reality. Visit the interior of the earth, and by rectifying you will find the hidden stone.

While I’m no longer aware of what’s cutting edge or played out in the fields of consciousness expansion, I’m actually more influenced by my early studies in these fields than I ever thought I would be. Really, since opening Detroit Evolution and becoming more aware of and active in Detroit’s grassroots networks many of the tools and techniques I attempted to undo myself with in my teens and twenties are coming back into heavy rotation.

To this end I’m fashioning this as The Eden Exegesis, which actually makes reference to an earlier moniker influenced by Thee Temple of Psychic Youth. I re-identified as Eden when I returned from my first trip out west in 1991. The bold use of the word exegesis for this is more of a nod to Philip K. Dick than it is to the any assumption that this work is sacred.

For the moment, I’ve not the time to transcribe old journal entries, so it is my intention that this document becomes an expression of how I’m currently using the tools and techniques I picked up along the way and a place where I can archive some of the media that is surfacing that references or influenced my path.

It also serves as a place to share my story, which is something that I rarely indulge in. A great deal of my personal undoing has to do with the consistent veiling of certain aspects of my life, so The Eden Exegesis is also means of healing and a way to reveal myself to the amazing beings I now share more closely with here in Detroit.

I dedicate this work to my wife Angela, our son Aya Eden Ouroboros and our families and ancestors.

In Health, Joy & Liberation!