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April 30th, 2009
(The Moon Waxes Crescent)

Greetings Detroit and all those who grace us here!
Welcome to another edition of Evolve Detroit. You know that it is going to be a good year when Earth Week has you busier than the winter holiday season! It was a great pleasure to meet so many new people at the many events, Earth Day Expo, Bioneers Detroit's Food Stories and of course, VegFest, we participated in last week. We also appreciate the continued support from the incredible community that has gathered around our work.

We want to extend a special welcome to all of the new Evolve Detroit readers! We truly appreciate your decision to join us here and hope that you will consider the Lab and Evolve Detroit a resource for personal and community evolution. Our work is founded upon sharing the healthy and sustainable tools, techniques and concepts that we're experimenting with at the Lab. We are well aware that we would not be here without the attention and interest that you've given. That attention and focus, no matter how deep, is what keeps us going and we are sincerely thankful for each of our readers.

We acknowledge the fact that our success with Detroit Evolution has been entirely based upon our decision to seat ourselves as firmly as possible in Gratitude. There are so many people who have stepped forward to lend us a hand and, in the hardest of times, there are many who have carried us through. As Angela returns to her classes and the remodeled Lab picks up speed we want to make sure to express our thanks to those of you who have answered our many and varied calls. We are, in more ways than one, off the beaten path and the fact that you found us and have supported our work means the world to us. Everyone at the Lab strives to share at a meaningful and direct level and your attending classes, emails and calls of encouragement, and the fact that you take the time to keep up with our work help us to keep our work heart-centered.

Special Attention!

  • Today is the last day for our 2 Months of Unlimited Yoga for $100 Reopening Special! Even if you can't make it down to the Lab today for our 5:30 pm class you can send an email to and we can send you a paypal request. If you need other payment arrangements please call 313.316.1411. Please check out yoga schedule and plan on starting a yoga practice at Detroit Evolution!
  • This Saturday Angela's Raw Mexican Fiesta Class is from 4- 7 pm. We only have two seats remaining for this class so please call us at 313.316.1411. Our Kitchen Classes are the foundation of all our work and we adore sharing with our students in the kitchen. All our classes include handouts with recipes and kitchen tips. Bring your appetite as we will be tasting throughout the class and will then sit down together to share this incredible Raw Foods meal!

Evolve Detroit is a weekly, or as needed, publication produced by the Detroit Evolution Laboratory and dedicated to Health, Joy and Liberation.

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Detroit Evolution Laboratory
1434 Gratiot Ave #1
Detroit, Michigan 48207

Detroit Evolution Laboratory is a unique space in historic Eastern Market. The Lab is designed to facilitate and promote the exploration of healthy & sustainable tools, techniques and concepts that empower individuals and communities. We offer:

* yoga, meditation, & awareness workshops
* vegan & raw foods kitchen classes
* massage, bodywork & intuitive/energetic therapies
* evolutionary art & live music
* vegan & raw food catering
* community-building events

Informed and inspired by Permaculture, the Transition Movement and Eastern, Western, and Indigenous explorations of Consciousness, we actively promote that an Urban-Agrarian, Sustainable, and Soulful lifestyle will facilitate Detroit’s survival and its future success as a relocalized city. Detroit Evolution Laboratory’s focus is wide and favors radical creativity, exploring and sharing diverse aspects of culture from food & art to yoga & music. The Lab promotes other individuals, organizations, and businesses with complementary missions and goals for Detroit through active participation in projects and events throughout the city.

Featured in Hour Detroit Magazine, Model D, The Metrotimes, Fox 2 Sunday Morning, Real Detroit Weekly, and WDIV's 2008 4 the Best, Detroit Evolution Laboratory has been recognized as a community-based, healthy and incredibly tasty alternative for the people of Detroit.


  • Save the Date! Next Tuesday, May 5th we will be offering a special Cinco de Mayo Lunch! We will offer a cooked and a raw Mexican entree with pick up at the Lab between 11 and 2 or, for $2 we'll deliver to the downtown/midtown area. Look for a detailed menu with ordering instructions (meals are preordered to reduce waste) in your inbox this weekend.
  • Every Tuesday in May, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive & UFO Factory) will be offering SUNSHIP at the Lab from 9-11pm. This unique healing meditation experience will utilize gongs, stones, drone, bells and vibrating strings. The event is FREE, please join us!

  • Live next to the Lab! Unfortunately Gregg, Angela and Aya were unable to secure the space next to the Lab so it will become available on June 1st. Since we will not be there, we figure the next best thing is to connect with a like-minded Lab supporter. Here are all the details:

Beautiful loft in Eastern Market, AVAILABLE, JUNE 1st. The first commercial building to go residential loft, in Detroit (in 1978) by Ameen Howrani. Peaceful, healthful, artful, and awesome, neighbors as tenants in this 4 unit building, including a chef, a jazz drummer, a clothing designer, vegan food chef, and yoga teacher who holds classes in loft. This is a peaceful (quiet) building, and we are looking for a tenant that fits that mold. Someone who likes good food, health, wine, art, and/or conversation would fit in; or someone who keeps to themselves would work, too. The loft has beautiful maple wood floors, large windows, large bathroom, and is one large, open space—1,000 sq. ft. It is an upstairs unit: it has it's own private entrance, then walk up private flight of stairs, and you're in the loft. There is uncompetitive street parking. The unit has NO laundry or dishwasher, although, this could be negotiated if needed. Tenant pays gas and electric. Very cool block of neighbors, too. There is a common fire pit that has semi-daily fires throughout the spring-fall. Plus a large community-garden in the works, 30 yards from door. 1434 Gratiot, Apt 4. Enter from back. 1,000 square feet. $800/mo 12/mo lease, then month to month Contact Ara: 248.797.7536

We all wish you a brilliant week and hope to see you out and about around the city soon. Our blessings to you and yours!

In Health, Joy and Liberation
Gregg, Angela & Aya, Alan & the entire Lab Crew


Vegan & Raw Food Classes

Vegan and Raw Food Classes with Angela & Gregg
Our classes are about much more than just food preparation - learn how to reduce waste through composting and recycling, explore sustainability, meet like minded people, and share great food, information and resources. We will prepare a four-course meal from start to finish, and then sit down together to enjoy the fruits and veggies of our labor! We offer our students a unique experience and an opportunity not only learn, but also to connect with others and realize the importance of food in our lives and the world. The food you choose to eat can change the world! Space in these intimate classes is limited and full payment is required to register. Please call 313.316.1411 or email to arrange payment.

Angela Kasmala Vegan and Raw Food Chef

Saturday, May 2 - Mexican Raw Fiesta Kitchen Class - 4-7 pm. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Lab! Bring your appetite as Angela will show you how easy it is to create an amazing Mexican Fiesta that will leave you fully charged and satisfied without the use of any cheese, flour, meat or heat! $45

Sunday, May 10 - Mother’s Day Vegan Brunch Kitchen Class - 11am-2pm. We're pleased to offer this special Mother's Day class. Angela will present incredible egg and dairy substitutes, mock meats for breakfast and lunch, the divine secrets of the sweet side of brunch, and preparation tips that will forever change your vegan kitchen experience. $45

Friday, May 22 - Vegan Indian Cross-Legged Class - 7-9pm. This class will include much more than the delicious food we'll be making ~ learn about the spiritual role that food plays on the Indian subcontinent and the importance of ritual in the kitchen. Our cross-legged classes feature floor seating in the Lab's yoga studio. Special seating needs are gladly met. $30

Yoga and Pranayama

Before doing yoga or participating in any exercise program, please consult your physician.

These secrets of yoga are within the hearts of everyone. ~Yoga Rahasya III.29

Yoga sessions at the Lab are always dedicated to the health, joy and liberation of all beings. Special attention is paid to the act of doing yoga in Detroit and sharing the personal change achieved with change in the community. Our classes are taught specifically for the students in attendance. Yoga is first and foremost about the breath and does not refer to our experience or physical flexibility. In the Lab we find common ground daily and practice from that point.

Market Saturdays are particularly energetic and our practice reflects and contributes to that energy. What could be better than visiting the market, doing yoga and picking up all your fresh fruits and vegetables?



8:00 a.m.
7:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.

7:00 a.m.

8:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m

Lunch Yoga
5:30 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

Doors open a half an hour prior to class and are locked promptly at the start of class! All classes begin with Sun Salutations or a similar breath and body warming flow (vinyasa). Weekday Morning and Lunch classes are an hour long. Evening and Saturday classes are an hour and fifteen minutes. We also make time for individual assistance and discussion after every class.

Class Fees
Walk-ins: $10.00
5 class pass (good for 1 month): $45.00
10 class pass (good for 2 months): $80.00

Seva Yoga - Trade & Sliding Scale
If you would like to join us for class at the Lab but are tight on funds please talk with us about trade opportunities and our sliding scale. Yoga for all!

Community Events

Handmade Detroit at the 2009 Green Street Fair!
Handmade Detroit is back this year for the 2009 Green Street Fair in downtown Plymouth May 1-3. Not only will Swap-O-Rama-Rama be back and bigger than ever but we’ll also have a vamped up Rethunk craft fair, too!

The Rethunk fair will feature vendors whose goods contain recycled/repurposed materials or reinforce a green lifestyle overall. You can find out more info on Rethunk vendors at

The Swap-O-Rama-Rama encourages swappers to modify their new finds and create new uses for what might otherwise be cast away. We will be setting up sewing stations (sewing machines provided by Singer), and using donated clothing, craft and sewing supplies to teach people of all ages sewing skills and how to be green through creativity (all for free!).


Purposeful (Not Random) Acts of Kindness
Garie Thomas-Bass, Kertia Thomas-Black and Kirtis Thomas III

Please check out Garie's new website
for more Purposeful Acts of Kindness!

We have copies of Garie's book in stock at the Lab for $16 or if you're out of town you can order a copy through her new web page.

"Even though our book may not be considered politically correct, it is written with the hope that some ideas that used to be called “common sense” will again become the behavior of choice. There is one rule presented for each week of the year. The fifty-two “suggestions” Our hope is that each person will use in his/her life some of these straightforward and easily applied ideas after it is understood why they are important. Truthfully, these rediscovered actions will allow us to live together in society with as little confrontational stress as possible."

Map & Directions

1434 Gratiot Avenue #1, Detroit MI 48207
Our entrance is behind our building NOT on Gratiot!

We use google maps for directions, they're much better at it than we are. If you need assistance please email or call 313.316.1411.

Map to the Lab

The Lab entrance is well marked and located off the cobble stone service drive behind our building on Gratiot. Please pay attention to parking signs and meters if you elect to park on Gratiot or behind the building.


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