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Vote Fender Bender!

Peace, it is rare that we endorse online fund-raisers these days, but we just adore Fender Bender and appreciate their support of our work so much that we can’t help but ask that you take a moment and support them by voting. Thanks and Respect, ~Gregg & Anjela





The Idea

Fender Bender is a women and gender nonconforming collaborative bike shop and mechanic training experience in Detroit. We learn intensive bike repair skills, safe riding practices, ride together weekly, and explore ways we can heal and grow from within our communities, using the bicycle to empower.

The Specifics: What will the $2,500 fund?

Bicycles are a key agent to creating accessible and reliable mobility for people in a city that has almost 140 square miles, a dismantled public transportation system, unaffordable car insurance rates, and a high population of formerly incarcerated people. Fender Bender is a transformational agent to provide access to fair, stable, empowering transportation.

We would use the money from Empower Women and Girls for the materials and equipment for our mechanic training course. This includes:

Bike repair tools
Bulk inner tubes
Bulk tires
Bulk patch kits
10 bike maintenance manuals
10 bike light sets
10 helmets




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