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Stumbling into a (secret) public meeting of the State’s Financial Advisory Board

Today, while seeking an opportunity to share with Mr. Bing (we had heard he was holding a meeting at WSU) I actually stumbled upon what I’m calling a (secret) public meeting of the State’s Financial Advisory Board.

When I say (secret) I should say that the media were out, a bunch of people who smelled really good for a hot day were out, but there were only a handful of community members there, one of which was disrespected by another attendee. It was a deeply disturbing display to stumble upon. About 40 well-dressed folk making decision that will turn an already tight screw on many Detroiters.

I only caught the last 10 minutes of the show, but based on this fresh article, which conveniently came out AFTER Bing’s community meeting this evening, it seems like it was very “productive” for an illegal meeting.


Financial board signs off on Detroit cuts, 10% decrease in city workers’ pay

9:40 PM, July 12, 2012  |

In its first major action on righting the city’s finances, Detroit’s financial advisory board Thursday approved Mayor Dave Bing’s plans for $100 million in cuts to the city’s unionized workforce — including a 10% pay decrease, higher out-of-pocket healthcare costs and limits on overtime — that his administration is expected to impose without negotiations.

The wage reduction would also apply to police and firefighters, a cut that Bing has long sought. In addition, workers would move into an 80-20 health plan with higher co-pays and higher costs for brand name and generic prescriptions.

read it all! http://www.freep.com/article/20120712/NEWS01/120712060/Detroit-financial-board-signs-off-on-deep-budget-cuts-including-a-10-decrease-in-city-workers-pay

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