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Mouth/Food Yoga

I’m blessed in many ways. Sometimes my blessing takes the form of sneaking away with a large portion of a meal prepared by Angela. The days are busy, so I take a little break where I won’t be lovingly interrupted by Aya or Angela, typically when they are working or playing together.

This morning I curled up with a bowl of oatmeal, rich with cinnamon and heavily laden with small bites of sweet potato, ginger, almonds and raisins. Though I am not aware of them specifically, I’m certain of ancient yogic texts that touch upon taste and texture. I simply go at this mouth/food yoga from the heart and enjoy.

I practice what some call reiki on a daily basis thanks to the link that I’ve fostered between intention and food. As many traditions do, I sit with my food food a moment before I eat to express gratitude for and solidarity with the food, the chef (of course!), the farmers, the earth and all the elements that came together to bring this bowl before me.

Closing my eyes and breathing deeply through my nose, I start with small bites, moving them around in my mouth. Sometimes I find myself counting, other times I silently chant a mantra or rhythmic prayer as I chew. There are also times when I chew and focus on the journey that each element made to get to my table.

Once acclimating my mouth to the various tastes and textures as a melange, without any mental aggression, I allow myself to stumble upon individual elements to relish in. Exploring the cellular fiber of the oats, the almonds, and the other fascinating bits and bites, while discovering their specific taste.

Though my eyes are closed, I sometimes see colors, shapes and even patterns and symbols as I isolate and explore. I have, on a few occasions, experienced a phenomenon like communication while chewing deeply, like some how the nutrients and chemicals, through my heightened awareness and focus on this sacred act, go more directly to my head.

Thank you so much Angela!

In Health, Joy & Liberation!

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