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PKD Rising – Great Gratitude

Another attempt to retake this blog as a place of personal expression.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a web-based expression of our proposal and suggested organizational structure for People’s Kitchen Detroit. To support this I’ve been going through our documents from the past six years, collecting various writings, photos and graphics.

"Detroit Global" graphic by Eden Ouroboros is featured as a symbol of collective autonomy.

Though I feel it was imperceptible at the time, these divergent elements are coming together in an extremely symbiotic manner. More than this, there is something I perceive as a refined psychological/spiritual aspect or theme to the work. It feels less judgmental, yet somehow more discerning.

These hexagon cells represent a model/organizational structure for navigating autonomy & community relations

It’s been healing to look at the past few years from a different perspective. Many amazing things have been happening, but its been hard take them on or even share them in the face of loss and crisis. This new expression, whether it is carried forward after the community vetting process or not, is a celebration long overdue.

Screen shot from the soon to be released PKD site

Thanks to so many, some who are now distanced for many reasons, we’ve learned so much and have made shifts in thought and deed that I didn’t think possible a mere five years ago. Great gratitude to those still with us and those who’ve moved on, whatever the reason.

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