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Metro FoodLand Loyalty Appreciation Campaign 27

This from Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System. Before you head out to the burbs, please consider visiting Metro FoodLand and checking out their selection. Angela and I have taken the appreciation pledge to support this Detroit-local black-owned business and encourage your support. Let’s come together to help out a business that has been helping Detroit for 27 years! Thanks! ~Gregg


Metro FoodLand has been a staple in the Grandmont/Rosedale community for the last 27 years. It has weathered many storms that forced or induced other store owners to leave the city and the people they once served there for “greener pastures,” easier sales, and convenience. The store’s owner, James Hook, has stayed though, because he believes in the store, which has always been family owned and operated, and he believes in the importance of providing safe, fresh, and affordable produce and supplies to his community. His grocery store also happens to be the only remaining Black-owned and operated grocery store in the city of Detroit which is, of course, predominately Black. If this isn’t shocking to you, it should be.

When you listen to politicians give their stump speeches, they often blow the horns of small businesses and job creators. James Hook is an incredibly upstanding, respectable, and generous man who runs a small business (Metro FoodLand) and employs people in his community. Nevertheless, it has recently become clear that the city of Detroit has made an agreement involving millions of public, taxpayer dollars (tax credits and breaks), to bring in a new Meijer store, which, though cheaper, has no incentive to keep the money circulating in the community, or employing local residents. And guess where that Meijer is going? You guessed it–right next to Mr. Hook’s 27-year-old, independent grocery store. Times are already tough for Mr. Hook, but he hasn’t given up, and a growing coalition is dedicated to making sure he survives this storm.

The result is the Metro FoodLand Loyalty Appreciation Campaign 27. Mr. Hook has been dedicated to Detroit and his community for the last 27 years. As a sign of appreciation, we (a collection of organizations and individuals based in the City and involved in the politics and creation of food) urge you make an Appreciation Pledge to shop at Metro Foodland 27 times this year, spend at least $27 and bring in 27 new  customers to make the pledge!

Metro Foodland 18551 Grand River

For more information, contact Lila Cabbil, undoingracismdfs@gmail or 313.861-8467

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1 Detroit je t'aime { 02.13.12 at 3:03 pm }

We heard many times of this store but we’ve never got to visit it so far! Will do. Thumbs up to Metro Foodland!

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