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Celebrate Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System’s New Documentary!

The work of Undoing Racism has been some of the most transformative that Angela and I have engaged in. I’m pleased to invite our friends and supporters out to the premiere of this important documentary. We’ll screen the film, share in a discussion on race and food in Detroit and enjoy live music and refreshments. In Health, Joy & Liberation, ~Gregg & Angela

Join with us for the premiere of this important film documenting Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System’s historic and powerful work.


April 29, 6:30-9:30pm in The Cooper Room
WCCC, East Campus, 5901 Conner, Detroit, 48213
This event is FREE…, parking included.

Each year Detroit sees more community gardens, small production farms, hoop houses to extend the growing season, mobile produce markets and home-kitchen products going to market. More people are connecting to the importance of and power within food. This power, while holding great potential for families and communities, is threatened by institutionalized racism and white supremacy.

Even as more people reconnect to their food, we witness inequity on the rise as access to good food is turned into a trend dominated by new, predominantly white Detroiters who rarely recognize or respect existing history and culture. The opportunities afforded Detroit through urban agriculture and good food have been co-opted to market the city as a place for people who are deemed more creative and economically viable than the current population.

While our food security is threatened by genetically modified seeds and chemical laden processed foods, Detroiters are also threatened by corporate land grabs made in the name of philanthropy and an emergency manager law recently passed by the State. These issues connect to and affect our community food security and are all intricately linked to race, class and power.

With deep respect for and acknowledgment of Detroiters who have struggled against racial inequity for generations, the seeds that would become Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System Trainings, Monthly Gatherings, Caucus and Study Groups and this documentary were sewn at the Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit conferences.

The Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System documentary was produced by Zenobia Jeffries and Lottie V. Spady with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Please join with us on April 29th, 6:30-9:30pm at The Cooper Room at WCCC’s East Campus for the premiere of a film that documents the story of Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System. Come and celebrate as we share the film, hold space for meaningful discussion of food and race and enjoy music and refreshments together.

Monthly Gatherings – We meet the first Saturday of every month from 1-3p at the MSU Center, 3408 Woodward. Please join with us! Note: there will be no gathering in May due to our Two Day Training.

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Detroit Police Forcibly Remove Occupying Students from Catherine Ferguson Academy

Angela, Aya and I stopped by the Catherine Ferguson Academy after feeding the chickens at Spirit Farm yesterday afternoon. CFA is a Detroit public high school for pregnant and parenting teen girls- the only one of its kind in the nation. We heard that the students had decided to protest the closing of their school and others in the Detroit Public School System by occupying the school during their spring break.

We had the privilege of visiting with the occupying students while Angela took requests for the meals that she planned to make for them throughout the coming week.

We also spoke with one of the BAMN organizers. I’m looking for more details on how BAMN got involved and next steps and will post them when I have them. Note April 29th: I’ve removed the link to BAMN with thanks AMB.

We left CFA to get to meetings and errands but were encouraged by the strength and determination of these young mothers and their supporters. During the meeting we received the news that the police had arrived at CFA and that the students needed support. We headed on over and lit up the social networks with updates and photos.

When the students were removed from the school Angela and Aya headed home. The police were more militant in stance than I had expected and we wanted to make sure that Aya had a chance to decompress and warm up. Luckily this wasn’t his first protest/action though it was his first with police involvement.

I jumped in a car with a friend and went on to the Detroit police station where the students were being held. Once the students were released I shot this video of one of them describing her experience. I doubt that this part of the story will be told by corporate media. That’s why I’m sharing it here and asking others to do the same.


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Detroit Grassroots in Businessweek?

Interesting to read about the Detroit Food Justice Task Force in Businessweek! ~G

“Groups like the Detroit Food Justice Task Force are educating the community about food access and nutrition while networking with entrepreneurs to build a locally sustainable, environmentally just food system. Projects like Hush House are tackling issues of adult illiteracy and homelessness while Urban Neighborhood Initiatives is encouraging rehabilitation of parks, vacant lots and community centers.”

via Detroit’s Demise Sets Up Rebirth From Grassroots: Joshua Long – Businessweek.

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