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Rally at Catherine Ferguson this Thursday!

This THURSDAY, JUNE 16th @ NOON, will be a rally at Catherine Ferguson Academy to keep the school open. It’s the only school for pregnant and parenting teens like it in the country. This amazing school is a vital and integral part of education in the health and future of Detroit for generations to come. For no good reason Roberts has decided to close CFA and take away this very successful school model. We’re going to gather there in solidarity with the students of CFA to provide mutual aid and support for their action. Students and staff of CFA have been organizing this rally themselves. They are passionate and determined and are asking for the support and presence of the Detroit community to be there with them to help provide the space for their voices to be heard.

Ms. Andrews, the students and staff are also asking that everyone invite Roberts to attend on the 16th. Send him an email and leave a message requesting that he come to the rally. Please be kind in your approach.

Here is ROBERTS EMAIL – roy.roberts@detroitk12.org

PHONE – 313.870.3772

Contact him as soon as you can and pass this info along. Please send it to national organizations as well and others that will support or may be able to pressure the issue. CFA is a local school but education discrimination and co-opting school systems is a national crisis.

Ms. Andrews has suggested some signs that can be made for the rally:

save cfa
WE CAN BRNG IN $200,000 FOR SY 2012-13
educate a woman educate a nation
this is a race we dare not lose

She also explicitly ask that no profanity or dis-respect be used on the signs.


1. Send Roberts an invite via email and phone call, leave him a message

2. Be at the rally on Thursday, June 16th @ noon at CFA

3. Inform others to do the same!

Be mindful that this is the students’ rally. Their voices come first and we support what they want. If there is an opportunity to speak, be sure it’s a student voice. No one can substitute them in their struggle but we can certainly support.

There’s also word of people organizing an afternoon picnic at the CFA farm on the 16th. Through the various ways people can get involved that day there should be a lot of folks there. Find where you can plug in comfortably and join the effort to keep CFA open.

Hope to see everyone there!

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Medicine is Media!: Health is Dignity, Dignity is Resistance

Friends, I’m excited and honored to share at this year’s Allied Media Conference. Here is a cool opportunity to help support the Healing Justice Track. Please like, share and thank you! ~Gregg

Medicine is Media!: Health is Dignity, Dignity is Resistance “Herbal Care Package
by Good Fight Herb Co

For an exciting limited time only, donate $50 and receive a special handmade Herbal Care Package. There are only 25 gift packs available, so order yours now by donating $50 at alliedmedia.org and writing “Healing Justice Track” in the Memo. Follow this link to go directly to the page. Your donation will help support workshop presenters and health practitioners participate in the health and healing justice track at the Allied Media Conference 2011.

The package includes:
Sleep Tight
A blend to help unwind and get to sleep easily. (Tincture includes valerian, hops, lavender & organic grain alcohol; 15-30 drops 30 minutes before bed; repeat as needed).

Milky Oats
To nourish and restore the nervous system when feeling burned out physically & emotionally. (Tincture includes fresh milky oat tops & organic grain alcohol; 30 drops 3x day or, 30-60 drops as needed).

Say it Loud! Throat spray
(Spray includes: echinacea, goldenseal, propolis, licorice, vegetable glycerin & organic grain alcohol; 3-5 sprays on the back of the throat as needed, or 3-5x day).

Love Your Lips Balm
Protects lips from harsh weather conditions and nourishes dry, cracked and/or chapped areas. (Balm includes: calendula flowers, violet leaves & flowers, coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, peppermint essential oil. Use freely!)

Donation details:

Shipping is included in the price of the package. Please allow two weeks for shipping. Donations can be made at http://alliedmedia.org/amc2011/news/2011/05/05/medicine-media-make-donation-support-amc2011-healing-justice-track. Follow directions to make a secure donation through Paypal. Please be sure to put “Healing Justice Track” in the memo section. Additional donations are welcome and appreciated.

For more information about the fundraiser.

Information about the medicine maker: http://goodfightherbco.com/?page_id=2.
Good Fight Herb Co: http://www.goodfightherbco.com/

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Detroit Incinerator Action Alert from Zero Waste Detroit

Yesterday, the Planning and Economic Development Committee voted to reject the Detroit Renewable Power’s (owners of the Detroit incinerator) request for $4.1M Brownfield redevelopment tax credits. City Council will be voting on the issue May 3rd. Please call/email all the council members. Thanks ~Gregg

From: Zero Waste Detroit
Subject: May 3rd Council action on Incinerator tax credits
Action Alert: Deadline May 2
EVERY CALL or email is VERY important!
Please let Zero Waste Detroit [zwdetroit@igc.org] know of your call/email

Contact All Council Members:

Council President Pugh: 313-224-4510; CouncilPresidentPugh@detroitmi.gov
Brown: 313-224-2450; CouncilMemberBrown@detroitmi.gov
Jenkins: 313-224-4248; councilmemberjenkins@detroitmi.gov
Cockrel: 313-224-4505; CockrelK@kcockrel.ci.detroit.mi.us
Jones: 313-224-1245; bjones_mb@detroitmi.gov
Spivey: 313-224-4841; CouncilmanSpivey@detroitmi.gov
Tate: 313-224-1027; councilmembertate@detroitmi.gov
Kenyatta: 313-224-1198; K-Kenyatta_MB@detroitmi.gov
Watson: 313-224-4535; WatsonJ@cncl.ci.detroit.mi.us


Dear Council Member ______

I urge you, on May 3, to vote in agreement with Planning and Economic Development Committee in its rejection of the Detroit Renewable Power’s (owners of the Detroit incinerator) request for $4.1M Brownfield redevelopment tax credits.

No more public monies for the incinerator!

You name______


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