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This Month’s Free Movie: Ladies of the Land

October 7, 2010
Contact: Leeann Drees
Phone: 313.316.1411
email: leeann@detroitevolution.com


Monthly Free Movie Night screens Ladies of the Land on Wednesday, October 20th, 7-9p in Eastern Market’s Shed 5

Detroit, Michigan – October 7, 2010 – The Monthly Free Movie Night in Eastern Market screenings have recently focused on the changing face of agriculture, and this month’s selection looks specifically at women’s roles in farming. Detroit Evolution, Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit, and Eastern Market Corporation are pleased to present the award-winning 2007 documentary Ladies of the Land on Wednesday, October 20 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM in Eastern Market’s Shed 5.

Ladies of the Land is a feature-length documentary exploring the lives of four women farmers. All four say they never imagined they’d end up running farms, and indeed farming has generally been considered a man’s job in most of the Western world. Surveys by the USDA and others suggest that women are farming in greater and greater numbers, though, a trend exemplified by the women in this film. They also have their own way of doing things – according to these same surveys, women have a tendency to run smaller operations than men and to choose natural or organic methods more frequently, perhaps because they are not hampered by others’ expectations that they will farm in a certain way.

In Detroit’s growing urban agriculture movement, women are often active participants and leaders. This film will give viewers a broader context in which to discuss how gender and farming intersect in their communities and the world at large, and perhaps some inspiration for both women and men interested in the field. Participants in the evening can, as always, look forward to a community discussion following the screenings during which all are welcome to share their thoughts and ponder the local relevance of the film.

Since 2008, Eastern Market Corporation, Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit and Detroit Evolution have been partnering to present this FREE Movie Night in Eastern Market. On the third Wednesday of every month we gather to screen a movie on a sustainable topic, explore the topic at the local level through discussion and support from regional groups and businesses, and create a space to meet like-minded people from all walks of life & grow an active, healthy community. For this casual event, attendees should bring a comfortable seat. Shed 5 is located at the corner of Russell and Alfred St. Parking is available in the lots adjacent to the Shed. For more information or to get involved call Detroit Evolution at 313.316.1411


About Detroit Evolution – Detroit Evolution is dedicated to sustainable practices and present workshops on these and other topics to assist in and inspire a resilient and relocalized Detroit. http://detroitevolution.com

About Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit – Bioneers comprise a network of visionary innovators working to build a sustainable, positive and creative future for the web of life. This year’s Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference, held October 15-17 and Marygrove College, will combine local sessions, solutions and events with international innovations. http://www.glbd.org/

About Eastern Market Corporation – Eastern Market is open on Saturdays from 6:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. For more information, contact 313-833-9300 http://www.detroiteasternmarket.com

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Please Join Us at Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit!

Every year I learn more about the seasons and the patterns that manifest around the waxing and waning of the moon.  The closer Angela and I move toward our intended sustainable off-grid urban existence (we have a ways to go!), the more visible and pertinent these cycles and patterns become. B.A. (Before Angela), I ritualistically demarcated the turning of the wheel of the year like a fighter with one foot upon a defeated opponent. Together Angela and I brought food to the forefront of our awareness and now, mindful of planting and harvesting, I feel as though I’m more a part of the procession of time, rather than a disconnected aggressor taking jabs.

As the Harvest Festivals come to a close, Angela and I shift our awareness more towards our ancestors, our home and hearth. I enjoy Autumn. I feel more creative as my gaze begins to turn inward for Winter. I also appreciate this time of year because every October, as the creativity is rising, Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference brings forth information, inspiration and affirmation that sustains me until Spring.

At the national level, Bioneers identify as “social and scientific innovators from all walks of life and disciplines who have peered deep into the heart of living systems to understand how nature operates and to mimic ‘nature’s operating instructions’ to serve human ends without harming the web of life.”

I appreciate the national plenary speakers, but what makes Bioneers special for me are the local morning learnshops. Every year offers so many incredible opportunities that you may become a little miffed you can’t be in two places at once. While at the conference please look for opportunities to learn more about the Detroit Food Justice Task Force and the Undoing Racism Gatherings that are gaining momentum in the city. Angela and I are honored to be a part of these two transformative collaborations.

Since we’ve been in the evolution biz, Angela and I have shared at this conference and I now consider Bioneers to be one of the ways that I actively participate in the turning of the wheel of the year. We encourage everyone to join us. Angela is taking this year off from the kitchen so she’s excited to actually participate in learnshops this time around. Andrew, Donde and I are honored to share the second Detroit Domes 26′ diameter geodesic dome during the conference. This dome’s uncovered encompassing vertices will serve as a space for reflection and as an expression of interconnection. You’ll be able to find it on the lawn between the theater and Madame Cadillac buildings.

There is still time to register and participate!  Find more information at Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit.  We hope to see you October 15 -17 at Marygrove College, 8425 McNichols Rd. 48221

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Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System Update: Join Us!

Relocalization and resilience in Detroit request open, inclusive and respectful dialog on Race.  Detroit Evolution strive to be white allies in the motion towards Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System. Please consider joining these monthly gatherings to learn more. ~G

Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System Update:  Join Us!
By Charity Hicks and Lisa Richter, published in the last edition of the Detroit Farmer’s Quarterly.

Out of all areas of life, food is one of the areas where you can have an active engagement because food is everyday and touches all of us. Some would say that are food system is broken and if it is going to be fixed, and made resilient, sustainable, and equitable it must be in an anti-racist framework. We value a just, and vibrant food system that reflects the strength and self determination of the community and contributes to the quality of life of all. The “good food” movement is working on fixing this system and taking an honest look at how racism has distorted it, as this work is to the benefit of all.

Undoing racism work contributes to the food security in this community by promoting accountability, and reflective engagement by those working in the Detroit food system. This work traces its newest roots back to the “Race, Food and Resistance” learn shops from Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit conference of October 2009 . Since that time, we have held transformative monthly conversations, held an intensive anti-racism training, and formed study groups. In March 2010, members of several groups came together and went through Undoing Racism training by the People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond at Marygrove College. This training and dialogue provided a shared language, and preliminary understanding of how all people participate in the status quo and continue it, if they do not work in an intentional way to undo it.

Currently, we are working on raising consciousness about what racism and white supremacy look like in the Detroit Food System as well as what personal and organizational strategies we can utilize to undo them. It will take each of us to create a just food system in Detroit. Transform and grow the movement with us! Our gatherings are on first Saturdays, 1-3pm: Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4. 2010. October’s gathering:

This Saturday, October 2, 1-3pm
at MSU Center, 3408 Woodward, Detroit MI

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