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Striving to Speak Truth #1

I’m trying to find my voice again. Where it went is a long story that I hope to someday be able to share. These are experiments in speaking truth and releasing the pressure that’s building up inside. Blessings and gratitude to my sister Charity for breaking me open. Shanti. ~G

Striving to speak clearly, simply, and without judgment.

When we buy food that has been brought to us by global, national, and even in some cases, regional food distribution systems we are supporting and furthering human suffering. The systems enable and encourage us to block this out, to censor our own awareness. How much energy and creativity is sucked out of us to maintain this illusion?

What really nails it for me is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to stop participating in these systems and survive. I ingest my fair share of human suffering just like the rest of you, everyday. I wonder what our daily diet of suffering nourishes and what that does to our souls? We’re going to need to go DEEP to break out of this one.

That’s a little heavy. Back to clairity, simplicity and non-judgment:

I know I feel grounded and clear when I avoid consuming foods brought from afar and I know I feel damn good when I eat food grown close to my home.

Your truth is welcome here, please feel free to share respectful comments. In Health, Joy & Liberation, ~G

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1 comment

1 Jill Shilling { 09.14.10 at 6:41 pm }

thank you for opening up and sharing.

It’s amazing how diffrent local fruits and veggies look, feel, smell, and taste. They are almost not even the same form as something found in the grocery store. For a long while when I was working in the corporate world and always only went to the grocey store it was like I almost forgot what REAL food was or could be…I had to discover it again and start building that relationship.

As my food journey continues I try and share fresh foods with family and friends to help them to see and expereience the difference. I sometimes talk about what I know regarding how the foods we buy impact us and the world around us. I’m not sure how much diffrence this makes but I try to share what I learn and I go.

I had this idea a while back…(part of my old job was to do with marketing and product design. I liked this for the creative aspects) but my idea to help awaken people to the hidden facts about our foods and other products we consume was to create mock up product images, put them in a nice power point format and email it like crazy get it circulating.

An example would be let’s say perhaps bounty paper towel. Use the product photo and replace their slogan’s with fact like…”Bounty Paper Towel Helping to Deforest America one Tree at a Time”.

Or let’s say grapes from Chillie…something like…”We use pesticides so stong the are banned in the United States”. Whatever the true fact were. The one’s not on the packaging but the one’s we all need to know.

Use marketing and slogans to bring awareness?

If people knew they would make better choices I believe.

Also I can imagine if product labels HAD to have full disclosure on their enviromental impact either good or bad and if they had to disclose their margin’s on every item. A entirelly new labeling system with many catagories to provide a full view of the item’s impact…

not sure if this is kinda off your topic but thanks for letting me share. Namaste, Jill

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