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Welcome to my Noah Moment — Detroit Domes

Just wanted to “officially” announce Detroit Domes here. The site is bare bones but tells a bit of the story. ~G

Welcome to my Noah Moment…
by Gregg

Thanks for visiting Detroit Domes. My wife Angela and I do a great deal of community work, so I want to properly define this as a personal project. Of course, like all our work it strives to connect to community, but right here, right now I’m wearing my “mad scientist” hat.

Many folk in the community have been supportive (many skeptical) but I know to move this forward I’m going to have to step up, share why it is that I’m practically haunted by domes, and inspire those who are up for a fun, educational, and possibly life changing experience, to get on board or support the work at hand in some way.

Like many kids my age I climbed on domes at the playground. I always found it a tad challenging to move with ease over them or to sit comfortably on them. In turn, I started hanging out IN them as I liked the way they “felt”. I was officially introduced to Geodesic Domes and R. Buckminster Fuller in my teens through Disney’s Epcot Center. I was inspired and encouraged as I learned more about Fuller’s life and work. Hitting puberty in the height of the cold war made a bright and glowing future rather unapproachable, but Bucky’s vision broke the clouds occasionally.

I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale where Bucky taught for years. I fled to Carbondale as an escape from a bad run on the West Coast. I went there to chill and finish my supposedly long overdue bachelors degree in peace, but found myself in the midst of Domes, Alien Landing Strips, and all form of Mojo that seemed to be coming up some strange Mississippi undercurrent from New Orleans herself. I attended many a party in Bucky’s geodesic home in Carbondale. Good times, transformative times.

During my Burning Man years I helped create and build Geodesic Domes and came to realize their potential for what some call team building. Our desert domes turned into community spaces for impromptu theater, lectures, yoga, cooking and eating. They became self created public or Commons space, something we need a great deal more of for relocalization to take root in our cultures.

Through this site I’ll share more of my observations about domes and appropriate technology sustainability, Fuller’s other amazing tools and structures, and raise awareness of a few proposed Domes in Detroit. I thank you for spreading the word and getting involved if this strikes your fancy. Though it is rather personal, I know that it won’t take wings until it becomes part of the community. ~G

via Welcome to my Noah Moment… — Detroit Domes.

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