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Reverend Billy: Flying to Ask the Earth

Angela and I have been following Reverend Billy for quite some time. I first saw him out at Burning Man in 2004. It was great to finally meet him at the USSF. We spoke of his returning to Detroit with the entire Stop Shopping Choir! That will be exciting. Here’s Rev Billy’s most recent “sermon” from the Huffington Post. ~Gregg

Flying to Ask the Earth

Climb a mountain and stand way up there alone in the sky and ready your ultimate question about life. Naturally you want to unfurl your wings like an eagle and make the unknown horizon give up its answers.

Ask the question straight up into the wind, far into the quiet turbulence of a regular day. If you’re lucky, the confusion comes. You are confused because you sent your question as far as you could, and when the answer came back — did you know it already? It turns out the answer is not a glorious Universal Truth. In fact, you’re not addressing a great sky from a mountain. You’re standing on a street corner in your neighborhood and the answer seems to be this baby peeing on your hands. (read on: Reverend Billy: Flying to Ask the Earth.)

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