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Vote Dome! SOUP at Spaulding this Thursday

Come join the Friends of Spaulding Court this Thursday for Soup at Spaulding! Soup-maestro Hannah Lewis will be making sweet potato bisque (oh so tasty) with a green salad and bread from Avalon on the side. Don’t forget to bring your own spoon & bowl! After dinner, we’ll listen to presentations and fund an awesome project! $5, 7pm.

We’re pleased to be a part of one of the presenting groups. Travis and I will share the first public Detroit Domes project this Thursday, August 19th!

Detroit Domes is a new Seed Program of Detroit Evolution that actively promotes low cost, sustainable tools, techniques and concepts in Detroit. For this project we’re teaming up with our neighbor, Travis Roberts Jr, to design a structure that will extend his growing season. The proposed GrowDome is a low cost “greenhouse” dome with a 35′ footprint designed for year round off-grid growing. Striving for self-reliance, the dome will be heated with BTU’s from chickens, compost and low cost geothermal. Air circulation and filtration will be facilitated through wind collection. The domed and potentially “winged” roof will offer high volume rain catchment. We will also increase production by growing from and on the ceiling of the dome. It’s an exciting design and we hope it will be the first of many Detroit Domes to come. Please help us get this Dome off the ground at Spaulding Court this Thursday. Come out, enjoy the soup and VOTE DOME! :)

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