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Tuning into Spacematters

There’s a great deal of talk ’round town about the Spacematters blog. Please check out the suggested links. Open discussion of race is mandatory for urban localization. We have a great deal of unlearning to do. ~Gregg

The Spacematters author writes “In the most segregated city in the United States, race is something we certainly need to talk about more constructively, and this is why I write.”

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Ezra Fox Explores Christiania the Free – Denmark’s (Sort Of) Lawless Place

I think I could use a little hyggelig. ~G

In 2006, the people of Freetown Christiania had one of their epic, soul-crushing consensus-democracy meetings. It wasn’t going well. The subject was the future of Christiania itself. Up for debate was a plan by the conservative government that offered a devil’s bargain.

“It comes from an Old Norse word which means protection,” he says, a fact I’ve been unable to confirm through my limited research. “It’s a feeling of deep, deep safety.” Candlelight, cold beers, hot drinks, worn wooden tables, and laughter are the hallmarks of a hyggelig atmosphere.

via Ezra Fox Explores Christiania the Free – Denmark’s (Sort Of) Lawless Place.

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The Craig Fahle Show – Holiday Food Edition

Angela had the honor of sharing a few vegan holiday recipes with Noah for The Craig Fahle Show’s Holiday Food Edition. If you missed it here are the recipes. Please note that we’ve been in the middle of a move so we have not offered any holiday catering options. We’ll be back up and running for your New Year’s festivities. Please keep us in mind. Please be sure to check our Catering Menu. Thanks and Happy Holidays! ~Gregg

WDET reporter Noah Ovshinksy hosts a special hour of The Craig Fahle Show focused on delicious holiday food and drink. Check out the recommendations and recipes from his guests below.

via WDET 101.9FM – The Craig Fahle Show – Holiday Food Edition.

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